Welcome to the JupyterQuest Autograder documentation. The JupyterQuest Autograder is a sophisticated tool designed to automate the grading and code quality assessment of Jupyter Notebook assignments and projects. This tool is primarily aimed at educators and instructors who work with Python and Jupyter Notebooks in an academic or training setting, as well as students who want to self-assess their work against specified coding standards.


The JupyterQuest Autograder is crafted to streamline the evaluation process by automating several aspects of the code review workflow. It helps ensure consistent and objective grading by running a series of predefined checks against the submitted notebooks. This tool is also invaluable for students, providing them with immediate feedback on their code, which is essential for a learning environment that encourages iterative improvement.

Key Features#

  • Automated Code Quality Checks: Ensures that the submitted code adheres to best practices in Python coding standards, specifically aligning with PEP 8 guidelines.

  • Style Evaluation: Analyzes the code for compliance with common style conventions, promoting readability and maintainability.

  • Commit Analysis: Reviews Git commit messages for clarity and adherence to best practices, which is critical for collaborative projects.

  • Integration with CI/CD Pipelines: Fits seamlessly into existing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment workflows, especially with platforms like GitHub Actions, making it a vital tool for modern, automated DevOps practices.

  • Customizable Rules: While the tool comes with a set of predefined rules, it is fully customizable, allowing course instructors to tailor the checks to the specific learning outcomes of their course or training program.

Target Audience#

The autograder is designed for:

  • Educators: Who need a reliable tool to assist with grading student assignments at scale.

  • Students: Looking for immediate feedback on their code to learn and improve quickly.

  • Developers: Who require an automated solution to ensure their instructional material meets quality standards.

With JupyterQuest Autograder, instructors can save time, students can learn more efficiently, and course administrators can ensure a high standard of code quality across the board.